Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our New Baby

Last year we lost our dog Buddy to cancer, something we've been preparing for since he was diagnosed as terminal over the summer. I couldn't talk about it at the time, and even now I really don't want to, but this is part of facing our loss. I am very grateful we were given six more months with him, but this was so terribly hard on all of us, especially my daughter, as Buddy was her dog. When it was time, we somehow found the courage to let him go. I did stay with him until the end, and Buddy died peacefully in my arms.

The last time we lost a dog, our Sheltie Missy, we waited three years before we welcomed another into our family (this was mainly because we were in the process of relocating, and had to move three times.) I couldn't do that again to the kids, so after Christmas when they asked if we could look for a new puppy, I started making inquiries.

The result is that we now have this little guy joining the family:

He is too young to leave Mom and come live us right now, but in a few weeks he'll be moving in and we'll all get to know each other. While I'm not really recovered from losing Buddy, and it will take a little more time for me, for the kids' sake I think he would have approved.


fionaphoenix said...

Oh dear. I'm so sorry to hear you lost Buddy. I loved seeing the pictures of him on your blog.

My first Sheltie was a Missy, too. She died many years ago and I sill miss her.

Now we have Maris (who lives with my mom). She's got such a different personality and yet all of the wonderful traits of Shelties.

Your new baby looks like he'll be perfect for snuggling. I hope you and your family enjoy him. :)


Mackan said...

Soooo cute!

You HAVE to name him Sauron!

Or Death :)

Charlene said...

He is adorable. And he looks full of canine comfort.

Lynn Viehl said...

Fiona wrote: My first Sheltie was a Missy, too. She died many years ago and I sill miss her.

Our Missy passed away in 2003 after seventeen wonderful years with us, so we were really blessed. That's also what made it doubly hard to lose Buddy, as he was only three years old, and because Missy was so long-lived we expected to have him as part of the family for much longer.

Mackan wrote: You HAVE to name him Sauron!

Lol. I'm trying for something a little more optomistic. The kids like the name Dusty (he has a dusting of black over his brown fur) but we still haven't settled on it.

Charlene wrote: He is adorable. And he looks full of canine comfort.

He's remarkably well-tempered for a puppy, and the first time I held him he cuddled right up to me and gave me the big brown eyes. My heart instantly melted into a puddle of goo. All Shelties have similar characteristics to the breed, but this little guy's features don't remind me of Missy, who sparkled, or Buddy, who was always watchful and alert; he looks very calm, almost serene, as if he's already got it all figured out.