Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Guild Challenge

For April my quilting guild challenge was to repurpose an unfinished quilting project into a gift or decoration for Easter. My problem is I don't have any unfinished projects I wanted to cut up into pieces and make into something else, so I raided my collection of antique quilt blocks, which are technically unfinished quilts (just made by someone else a long time ago.)

I had seven four-patch quilt blocks made of shirting and other household fabrics circa 1970 that I know I'm never going to make into a quilt because the colors are weird and the blocks were sewn unevenly, which made them perfect repurposing material.

Using Simplicity pattern 5461, designed by Elaine Heigl, I cut my old squares into pieces and made Mr. Easter Bear:

The only problem I had with him was that I had to hand-sew him together, as my sewing machine is in the shop being serviced, so he took two days. On a machine you can probably whip up this pattern in less an hour. Still, he came out cute, and I recycled some patchwork that probably would have sat in a box forever.


Merrilee said...

That is one cutey-toots bear :)

Charlene said...

That's one adorable bear, and a great way to use some quilting squares. Your guild challenges sound really neat; I wish there was an equivalent for writing.

Ann said...

He's cute. :)