Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Presents

This afternoon I went out to sweep the porch, and took a peek at the wren's nest. Mama wren was gone, but there was something else in there:

I didn't want to disturb the nest or move the pot, so it took about 30 tries before I could get the camera to focus on the new occupants:

I count four, with one egg still to hatch. The big black dots are the babies' eyes, which are still closed:

Definitely a great day to come into the world, and seeing the new arrivals was a wonderful Easter present for all of us.


Marjorie Liu said...

Oh, wow. Those are beautiful shots, and even more beautiful babies. Our mommy wren built her nest so tightly into our potted lily, that I was never able to see the babies as clearly as that.

nightdragon62 said...

Thanks for sharing. I agree that is a great find for an Easter morning.

raine said...

They're beautiful, Lynn. :)

Charlene said...

Oh, best Easter surprise ever! Great pictures.