Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Novel Notebook Cover

This is one of the prettier covers I've photoshopped for one of my novel notebooks. Although the man depicted is too dark to accurately represent my male protagonist, the woman is a perfect fit for my female protag. I liked the feel of this image, too, which reminded me of what brought these two characters together.

Cover image credit: Vitalii Gubin


Charlene said...

Oh, I like that image.

Dawn Montgomery said...

You put this on the cover of your novel notebooks? Online ones? or handwritten one? I know you mentioned you don't hand write as often anymore, but do you print out and paste?

Lynn Viehl said...

Thanks, Charlene.

Dawn, I use these on my novel notebooks. IU don't handwrite them so much anymore (a few margin notes and some plot maps) but I put all my research, outlines, character worksheets and so forth in them, and most of these I compose in Word with my VRS. It keeps everything in one place so if I have to reference back it's all there. I don't put these online because I'm reluctant to let people see that much of my process -- sometimes I plan a series twist four or five books in advance, for example.

Dawn Montgomery said...

I completely understand why you'd keep them close to your heart. It's a raw image of your creative gears.

When I said online, I'd meant computer generated (word docs or pdf files). I must have been really tired. LOL.