Saturday, April 11, 2009


I had thought there were four eggs in the newest nursery. Mama bird flew off to get some breakfast, and I tiptoed over to the pot to have a look at how they're doing.

No babies yet, but eggs. And guess what? There are five.

Hopefully no tabloid journalist shows up wanting to know why Quintmom decided to give birth to five chicks instead of a more modest number, and I don't have to give a statement to Bird Welfare about why I let her have her babies in my dead plant (I swear, officer, we put out perfectly good birdhouses . . . )


Charlene said...

Well, you're about to have a lot of company there! Pretty eggs. And there is no accounting for the tastes of a nesting mom.

Ann said...

I have a potted plant on my deck that is currently housing a nesting mom, and what looks like the beginning of another nest on top of my porch light. but haven't been out to check- I don't want to worry the new moms.
I might have to go out soon though, I need to water the ficus. :)