Saturday, April 25, 2009


After the disaster that was the fiber art quilt, I needed a big project to get me over the quilting blues. Found it:

This is a log cabin variation quilt that just needs to be quilted and bound, which I bought off eBay. I loved it as soon as I saw the photo. The piecing is superb and the maker sent it basted and ready to go. It's the perfect test for my newly-repaired sewing machine.

It's a very large quilt, so I couldn't fit it all into the camera lens. Here's Cole posing by it, to give you some idea of scale:

Should be a lot of fun.

(Note: Tom and I are both out of town today, so new comments will probably not post until after 7 pm EST.)


Charlene said...

I'm not sure Cole should be left alone with the quilt. He looks like he's found the ultimate BLANKIE!

nightsmusic said...

Oh, Lynn, what a gorgeous quilt! Do you have a quilting machine? I want one so I don't have to take mine to someone else to do.

Must post pics when you're done.

Lynn Viehl said...

Charlene, Cole already has a couple of his very own doggie quilts. Since this one will be on my bed, I imagine he won't mind sharing it with me and my guy. :)

Theo, I used to own a long-arm, but I stopped making quilts for sale so I decided to donate mine to a charity group who make free quilts for terminal pediatric cancer patients (they were in desperate need of one so they could boost their production.) So now I make do with my Singer, which is not as nice as long-arm but has an extension and some settings that help.

Will definitely post pics when it's finished.

Dawn Montgomery said...

On the variation of the log you make the log cabin square and then cut on the diagonal to repiece?

That is a gorgeous quilt! Just beautiful.