Monday, May 18, 2009

Cole Makes Another Friend

Here at Wildlife Central, we never know who we're going to meet in the driveway as we go out for our morning walk. Sometimes it's the nice UPS man who never minds that he has to walk about half a mile to get to our house. Sometimes it's the nice post lady who smells (Cole says deliciously) of her three dogs. Sometimes it's Cole's French girlfriend.

But every now and then, it's a new friend:

As with all strangers, Cole must of course sniff a certain portion of his anatomy:

I think Mr. Tortoise has been through this before -- he has that look of resignation in his eyes:


nightsmusic said...

Aren't you glad people don't get to know each other that way? :-P

Is that a snapping turtle? It looks like one. I'm surprised Cole walked away unscathed. He's just so darn cute though.

And obviously, word is out that you're the new natural habitat :)

Charlene said...

Ha! Poor turtle. So undignified to be sniffed by a puppy.