Saturday, June 6, 2009


At the edge of the lake are some remnants of pilings that once supported a boat building business back in 1926. The wood is mostly rotted away now, but I noticed one stump sticking out of the water had somehow sprouted a new little tree.

I doubt it's the wood piling resprouting, so I assume a bird or a wave dropped a seed on it, and it rooted.


tambo said...

Still cool though. I hope it doesn't drown.

charleneteglia said...

It's a nurse log! Those are all over the rain forest. Fallen dead trees become a very nice growing bed for new little trees and shrubs. Life, it's so persistent.

Ann said...

My sister and her husband lived on the outskirts of Gainesville near that really big lake,and their yard backed up to the forest. Their fenceposts had the odd habit of sprouting: leaves, branches, the works.