Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Ugly Challenge

When my guild sisters decided we should have a round robin ugly challenge (everyone draws a name, and sends the person one a yard of the most unattractive fabric you have in your stash, and they have to make a quilt or quilted object out of it) I thought, how bad could it be?

Yep, I think my guild sisters have been reading my author blog, because it's not just pink and green, it's radioactive pink and green. To add insult to injury, it's polyester, has millions of bits of rainbow glitter and faux silver embellishments on it, and is the consistency of cheap skirt liner.

And I thought I was mean for sending a yard of this from my stash:

(I did not buy this fabric, btw. Someone gave it to me as a gift. Probably the same sadistic guild sister who sent me the challenge fabric.)


tambo said...

I'd suggest making a tote out of it. Between iron-on Pellon batting and a good stiff lining, it might work and you'd look waaaaaay swanky when you went to the farmer's market for cucumbers and tomatoes. :)

Or you could always donate the finished whatever to a children's hospital. I bet there are a LOT of 6yr old girls who'd go crazy for something made out of shiny pink and green polyester.

Dawn Montgomery said...

I agree with Tambo on the tote. It gives you places to do embellishments and the stripes allows for a nice OCD moment or two in lining up the pieces (I go crazy about stuff like that).