Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ugly to Pretty

As I mentioned last week, I entered my guild's monthly challenge, which was making a quilt or quilted gift out of a yard of ugly fabric sent from another guild member. If the material I received didn't sear its image on your retinas last time, here's another shot:

I spent a couple of days contemplating the possibilities (and, occasionally, doing harm to myself) before I got a vague idea of what I might do. It all came together when I remembered this neat little tool I had tucked away in my sewing table:

I feed some of the beastly challenge fabric into it, stitched loosely around the perimeter, popped out and pulled thread until I made it into these:

So it's coming along, better than I thought. I should finish making all the yoyos this week, and then I'll move on to assembling them into . . . wait and see. :)


Merrilee said...

Hey, now they are rather snazzy!

Carissa said...

That is so cool! I just learned how to quilt a very basic baby quilt for a charity project my MOMS Club has been involved in for almost a year. I love it! So addictive.

charleneteglia said...

OK, I can't wait to see what you're going to make with this.

Dawn Montgomery said...

I didn't think about yo yos! NICE!