Friday, June 19, 2009

What is it?

Sometimes there are things out there, watching us from the shadows. Can you guess what this is?

(Click on the photo to find out.)


Dawn Montgomery said...

headlights from a coming car?

tambo said...

Coons have wrecked our car twice since last fall. Twice. Both were creamed on country roads, at night, and did some pretty extensive shattering to our poor Prius's bumper and grill. Second time was about a week ago, and I hate to think what our insurance rates are going to be next year.

Otherwise, I like 'em! Wouldn't want to try to pet a wild one, though. They may be cute, but they're scrappy.

charleneteglia said...

Funny little coon. Looked like an owl sitting there, but no, it's a furry little bandit.

Ann said...

I thought owl, too.

wrod verification= flycro. scary.

Dawn Montgomery said...

Ahh, I was on my acer and didn't have a clear pic. Wow. Great pic of a raccoon.