Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Prizes (take two)

One of the workshop attendees asked me if I'd post photos of the PBW goodie room this year, so forgive me for an updated repeat of yesterday's image. First, the whole shebang:

Detail #1:

Detail #2:


Dawn Montgomery said...


raine said...

Holy geez, lol!
That's quite a haul!

Sherri said...

dang! You're very generous.

Jaye Patrick said...

Is it co-incident that the Stephen King book - in both photographs has a tiny rainbow on his name?

Lynn Viehl said...

Thank you, ladies. I really have fun shopping for LB&LI every year. :)

Jaye, that King book has a very weird cover that refracts light. You get rainbows no matter how what angle you take the shot from. Deliberate, maybe?