Friday, August 14, 2009

Rag to Bag

I made the stitch collision/rag quilt piece into a simple gift bag, using some sheer ribbon for handles and the backing fabric as the other side of the bag:

I've had this medallion forever and have never found a use for it, but it just seemed to go with the bag:

When I go by the mall I always stop by the Godiva store to see what they have on sale. Right now they've marked down a lot of merchandise to make room for the upcoming holidays, so I snagged one of their prettier egg-shaped gift boxes that comes with two truffles for only $4.99 (and the truffles are regularly priced two bucks a piece, so this was a steal.)

Because I used a rag along with the medallion, fabric, thread and ribbon I already had on hand, the only thing I paid for was the egg and chocolate. So for $4.99, I have a nice gift for one of my chocoholic quilting pals. Here's the back of the bag:

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Charlene said...

I love how this came out.