Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Base Art

I was cleaning up my workspace the other day when I noticed the cardboard box base I use as a disposable easel had absorbed a lot of dribbles and paintovers:

Can something as humble as a recycled, slightly soggy piece of cardboard qualify as accidental art?

Maybe if I change the angle and add a couple of shadows:

Pretty neat, even if I didn't create it on purpose.


nightsmusic said...

Once again, the 'accidental art' as you call it, is often just as stunning as the art you deliberately create.

You should frame that. It's cool!

Lynn Viehl said...

It's definitely accidental, Theo. :) I rarely pay attention to my makeshift/recycled easels, but this time for some reason it caught my eye. Maybe the glitter of the metallics, not sure.

I'm going to let it dry out for a couple of days and then maybe make something out of it. Don't know what yet, but that's half the fun. :)