Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big, Little

When the pup and I go for our morning walk I have to be on the look out for the new constructs made overnight by ambitious local orb weavers. Fortunately the dew is pretty heavy year-round here, so I don't end up walking into something like this fifteen-footer:

I also have to watch my step -- literally -- to keep from stomping on some tiny scarlet-colored spiders who like to build these in the grass overnight:

I like medium webs that are easy to see but don't look the owner could catch a truck with them. Here's a new shot of the spider in the back yard oak tree that shows how beautiful her work is:


nightsmusic said...

You're right. There is an inordinate amount of sheer beauty in a web like that. The intricate weaving, the often symmetrical design to it, as if the spider measured and calculated to get it 'just so'. I might not be fond of spiders, but how can anyone not appreciate their abilities?

Great pictures!

Dawn Montgomery said...

Oh wow! Absolutely gorgeous.

David Bridger said...

This morning, we found a big web spanning our smallest window. Quite impressive for the UK at about two feet diameter, until I showed my family your photo of that fifteen footer! :)