Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back in Pink

Did you know that the only company in America that made authentic plastic pink flamingo lawn ornamets closed its doors three years ago? Neither did I, until I snapped this shot and did a little research out of idle curiosity (I remembered someone telling me a few years back that this classic bit of Americana was going extinct.)

Fortunately the birds were rescued by, who now sell them (always in pairs) online as fundraiser gifts. As unfond as I am now of anything pink, I'm glad.


Charlene said...

Pink flamingos are an endangered species? I had no idea. They're such a classic.

nightsmusic said...

In high school, I had two best friends. We were inseparable. One married and moved to Austria and on her 50th birthday, the other and I sent a box of mini pink flamingos to her along with instructions that she was to put them all over the front yard and take a picture. We contacted her husband separately and asked him to assist in our plan.

She placed the flamingos and took the picture and put up with the scrutiny of the very straight-laced neighbors for months after.

It was great!

I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't find pink flamingos. The other of our trio lives not to far from me and we exchange very tacky gifts each year with a pink flamingo theme for birthdays and Christmas. I would be sad if I couldn't do that anymore.

nightsmusic said...

Oh! I can't remember if I mentioned, there were fifty flamingos in the box. :)