Monday, December 21, 2009

The Center Will Not Hold

To explain the image, this is a tree -- or what's left of one. Evidently greedy little bugs ate up the inside of the trunk until the outer bark simply collapsed.

Not very festive, but definitely reminded me of a few people.


nightsmusic said...

Dare I ask who? ;-)

Poor tree. We've lost four or five elms this year to Dutch elm disease. Very depressing. The inside of the tree just dies and all the bark falls at the same time. They look like 30 foot tall sticks.

Lynn Viehl said...

Theo wrote: Dare I ask who? ;-)

Those in Publishing shall remain nameless. :) I thought of some non-writers I know who maintain a pretty facade while they allow negative emotions (anger, jealousy, grudges, etc.) to eat them up inside until inevitably they fall to pieces. It's a good reminder to all of us, I think, to let go if not forgive all the wrongs done to us by others, and make peace with our own situations.