Monday, December 28, 2009

Project Favorites

I was fortunate (or had the dumb luck) to take a few good shots this year; here are some I thought were pretty decent and that taught me something:

I'd never shot a picture looking into the sun before this sunset at a nearby lake.

Believe it or not, this was the very last shot I snapped at a RenFaire before my camera batteries went dead. Had no idea if I even got the shot until I went home and loaded fresh batteries into the camera.

I know technically speaking this shot of the spider and its web sucks. Don't care; still love it.

This was an odd shot in how Daliesque it turned out. Also one of the few extreme close-up shots of my needlework that I was able to take this past year.

My favorite of the black & white shots I took this year; taken while on a vacation weekend.

I think this shot of the posing heron does show that I've learned a little about photography while taking all the photos for PBWindow. I don't think I could have taken such a neat picture a year ago.

As for my personal favorite from the last twelve months, it's definitely this quick snap I took of my daughter and a friend's beautiful Tennessee Walker:


Charlene Teglia said...

You took some outstanding shots this year. I've really enjoyed seeing them!

Carissa said...

I've loved coming here almost every day to see what new pictures you posted. Thank you!

nightsmusic said...

This has been a great year. You've taken some shots that would never have turned out for me. I hope you keep it going. :D

And I don't care, I think that spider and web is beautiful.