Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I didn't think to take a before shot of this quilt, but when I acquired the piece it was basically a bundle of ripped, torn rags held together by the stitching and the backing. But the color and the size of the rings were rare and also my favorites, so I went at it.

I did the restoration work in my spare time when I could and replaced over three hundred of those little patches in the rings (each less than two inches wide) all the binding, repaired three fist-size holes in the backing and redid most of the center-ring X stitching. I also pruned about two pounds of bunched cotton-hull batting out of the corners to flatten them and inserted several batting patches where it had thinned or had been pulled out during multiple machine washings (why do people do that? It's bad for antique quilts.)

Everything was done by hand, and it took almost three years. Probably my best wedding ring restoration job to date.