Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Tree

We can't put tinsel on our Christmas tree because of the danger to the furry people around here, and these pagans I live with insist on having a star on top instead of an angel. But I still thought this year's tree was very pretty.


Charlene Teglia said...

Very pretty. We've given up on tinsel, too. I compensate with bows.

nightsmusic said...

Pagans you live with? LOL! I have a nice, lighted angel with pretty feathery wings and yet, we have an ugly turret reminiscent of the Taj Mahal on ours because the DH bought it a few years ago and was so proud of himself, we didn't have the heart to tell him how ugly it is.

I no longer use tinsel either. Instead, I took pearlized curly ribbon and cut it into 18 inch lengths. It curls nicely and looks more like icicles, but not. Which totally doesn't make sense, I know, but it's pretty. :)

I think you can see it:


I don't think you'll need a password, but if you do, it's CellarDweller.