Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hungry Birdies

I saw a huge flock of sparrows hunting through the frozen grass in our neighborhood earlier this week, which prompted me to put out some wild birdseed. I know, I'm a softie, but it's winter, and the poor things are hungry. I figured five pounds would help feed a few.

This morning I went out and found at least fifty birds of all shapes and sizes in the oak tree. Most of them flew off, but I was able to snap this shot of the mini-bird convention in the nearly-empty feeder.

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nightsmusic said...

I don't put much birdseed out in the winter. Maybe twice a week. It doesn't matter how often or how much I put out, there's a thousand birds on the feeder the minute I close the door behind me and the foods gone in half an hour O.o

Then the squirrels eat the feeder.