Thursday, January 21, 2010


Someone (you know who you are) asked me to post an example of a Zentangle I've made, and here's a shot of the latest one in my home journal:

One this size takes me about a month to finish; a normal person could probably draw it in a couple of hours. I don't do too many because I prefer working in color, but I do make them mainly when I'm on the phone either with doctors or NY (which is also probably why mine are so convoluted/complicated.)

To draw them I just use a fine black Sharpie pen (see below), the kind that doesn't bleed through paper. I know the Micron pens are supposed to be better for detailing, but the barrels are slippery and I don't have enough motor control to draw with really fine detail anyway, so they're wasted on me. I also draw them in a lined journal because the lines help me keep my doodles relatively uniform (plus they're great for when I want to fill in a spot with bricks.)

Making Zentangles is very relaxing and mind-clearing for reasons that are utterly beyond my comprehension. I've never bought the kit from the official web site, but I suppose I should someday so I can learn all the little tricks and techniques.


Charlene Teglia said...

Very fractal. Makes me want to draw one. I can see how it'd be soothing on a stressful phone call.

nightsmusic said...

Fascinating! Maybe I'll give this a try, see if it will help me focus at all. I've not been much of a doodler since high school, but after looking at their site, it looks like fun :)

Did you see the pic someone sent in of the quilt they did?

Dawn Montgomery said...

I had no idea it was called that. I've been doing those types of drawings for years, and you're does clear the mind.

I love the designs. :)

Tikva said...

Is this something that either you can do or you can't?? Can you get better at it? If I have to ask these questions, do I suck? lol!

Anonymous said...

I discover this yesterday. I think is amazing!!! Congratulatiosn for your draws and for your inspiration.