Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pardon My Piecing

My e-mail is down, so I have to hijack the photoblog today to post something for my guild pals who are putting together a precut kit for a show.

Ladies, the problem with the kit fabric isn't the resist pattern so much as the variations in the dye colors. I went with random cuts for the framing blocks to test my theory (and because fussy cuts are near about impossible with batiks) and as you can see the light-to-dark transitions don't blend well at all along the seam lines. Also, I think the die cutter is off about 1/32", or maybe someone jogged it while they were running the lightest value fabrics because they're all short/uneven.

I did like those mum florals, though. As long as you watch the centers they totally mesh. Keep those for sure.

I think something like a soft mottled single-shade material would work better for the framing blocks. I'll see what I've got in the stash and do another if I find something that works color-wise.

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