Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Snake by Snake

The pup and I found this four-foot-long black racer about six feet from the porch, and fortunately my daughter and her friends were nearby to take this zoom shot for me, because the pup wanted to eat the racer and it was all I could do to hang onto his leash.

Black racers are good snakes, non-venomous, and eat pretty much anything including small dead things, which is an important part of the food chain and helps keep our property tidy. They're also extremely shy, dislike noise and avoid humans, so we rarely see them this close to the house.

Although the racer wasn't behaving as if it were agitated, I still warned the girls not to get too close (racers will bite if they feel cornered or threatened.) Once the girls went inside with the pup I returned to see if I could get another shot. And then saw that our racer had a much bigger friend with him:

I didn't get a clear shot before they took off, but I'd say his friend was at least six feet long.

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