Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Triple

After this touching video about a double rainbow went viral earlier this month, I remembered I'd taken a shot of a double last August that had been pretty neat, and from what the guy said in the video wondered if mine had possibly been a triple.

First, the original shot:

I tweaked the exposure shadow level on the original pic, and sure enough, once I darkened it I could see a very faint, third rainbow beneath the lower/brightest arc:

Very cool discovery -- I had no idea I'd photographed three instead of two. Thank you, rainbow guy. :)


nightsmusic said...

Beautiful. I love rainbows. I usually only see them when I'm driving which makes it hard to appreciate them. But I've never seen a triple. Very cool.

Charlene Teglia said...

Gorgeous! I've seen a double a few times and it really is spectacular. I think I've seen a triple once but never got a picture.