Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day of Katrina

Today I sat down to look through some jars of old buttons I picked up yesterday from a junk shop, and also to write a bit about Katrina in my venting journal:

The buttons are pretty cool, about forty or fifty years old. Among the treasures in one of the jars I found a tiny scrap of paper with a word fragment that made me chuckle:

I decided to write a little inspirational manifesto around a picture of the rock I always carry in my pocket, and this was the result:

So what might have been another useless rant turned into something encouraging. I need to do more of that.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

While I've Been Unplugged

I finally got a decent close-up shot of the crab spider living in the oak tree:

Cole and Skye are getting along like true siblings, which means they squabble all the time (and like any little sister, Skye usually wins.) If my flash hadn't messed up this shot, it would probably be the funniest pic I've taken all year:

My cranky old heirloom rosebush is making up for a barren spring by putting out some of the most spectacular blooms I've seen from it in years:

I'm not ready to plug back in just yet (I have three novels in various stages of production to wrap up by Wednesday) but I think the batteries are finally beginning to recharge.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

3 Small Things

Skye is definitely the mostly cuddly Sheltie I've ever owned. When we're not playing she likes to sit in the corner of my chair and snooze beside me. You can't see Cole in this shot, but he parks himself under the chair to guard both of us.

But there are things even smaller than our new pup. While I was out walking Skye today, the grass suddenly seemed to explode around my feet. Dozens of tiny jade-colored grasshopper nymphs, so little I could barely make them out, hopped to get out of our way. I know they're pests, and they certainly cause enough damage to my garden, but when they're nymphs they're so cute. Fortunately one sat still just long enough for me to snap this close-up:

But nymphs aren't the smallest things I saw this week. A couple of days ago I went out just after it rained to photograph some of the roses, and focused on a leaf to test my zoom. That's when I got this portrait of a perfectly round rain drop:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Marilyn's Colors

I meant to post more pics of the first bloom on my Marilyn Monroe rose bush:

The rose turned out to be the color of butter with a slightly darker apricot heart. Here she is next to a rose from my cranky old heirloom bush (which I'm pretty sure got jealous of the new addition in the garden and finally produced her first rose of the year):

Marilyn's scent is also different from all my other roses; her blooms smell a little like orange blossom. When fully bloomed her petals become very curly and crinkly, which reminds me of Marilyn Monroe's classic hairstyle:

She's a great birthday gift and a really lovely addition to the rose garden.