Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lizard King

Spotted this little guy basking in the sun atop a fence post. Looked quite regal.


nightsmusic said...

That's one of the things I do miss about Florida. I used to sit on the lanai and watch the little critters scurry about. We have nothing like that up here.

Charlene Teglia said...

What a pose! I found a bright green frog on some rocks the other day but he vanished before I could get a camera.

Ren Thompson said...

I used to carry my camera around all the time and never spotted anything. Now that I don't, there's so many things to take pictures of.
Very nice pics :)

Ayla said...

hi, i saw this and thought immediately of your paints and journal. maybe you'll find some inspiration from them.

it's photos of microbes under different lights.

Lynn Viehl said...

Theo, I have so many lizards around the house I'd be glad to share some with you. Don't think the little guys would appreciate being UPS'd, though. :)

Charlene, I feel your pain. I had a dove, a cardinal and a woodpecker come to feast at my big platform birdfeeder yesterday, and of course my camera was in my purse inside the house.

Thanks, Ren. I try to remember to keep my camera with me no matter where I am because I see so many odd things, although most of the time I'm not fast enough to snap a shot of the really cool stuff.

Ayla, thanks for the great link. I'm working on my inspiration journal this month, and I'll definitely be printing out some of those pics to pair with my entries.