Thursday, October 7, 2010


Fountain outside a hospital where I was visiting a sick friend. Evidently the water is dyed red to make it look prettier, but combined with the fountain's abstract shapes it reminded me of blood pouring from a bunch of halberds.

I need to get out a little more, I think.


Charlene Teglia said...

The Kyn and Kyndred are a bad influence on you. *g* I think you need to have some fun with a bloody fountain scene or some halberds!

nightsmusic said...

I'm playing catch up.

I think it looks pretty cool! I agree with Charlene though. You need to have some fun with those. And maybe post that little bit of fun on your other site? *hint*

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Weird color for outside a hospital!!

There is a retirement community near where I live that has a large fountain in the front with a large metal globe with dyed blue water gushing out of it, and it always makes me think of the toilet cleaner that turns the bowl water blue. In light of that, maybe blue isn't such a great color either. ;-)