Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oops Mystery

I was downloading some photos this morning when I found this mysterious shot on my memory card:

I have no idea who took it (wasn't me.) At first I thought it might be an accidental snap of our Christmas tree -- until I checked the date, and discovered it had been taken the day after we took down the tree.

Did the tree leave a ghost behind, one that was haunting my camera? The horizontal lines in the back of the image seemed to suggest a window, only the one behind our Christmas tree wasn't that large. Then I remembered I'd been fiddling with the camera's setting while sitting on the end of the couch that night and might have accidentally taken a shot. I went back to the same spot, lifted the camera to about where it had been, focused the lens this time, and then nailed the ghost's identity.

To see what it really was, click on the image.

1 comment:

Anne Velosa said...

I like the mystery image better. How fun to find something like that - a present of sorts.