Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Spring Roses

I've been neglecting the photoblog, but I have a good excuse -- taxes!

In the meantime, today Miss Skye decided she wanted to walk around the house a few times before she selected the blade of grass upon which to tinkle, so we passed what's left of the rose garden, and spotted these:

Yes, the cranky old rose bush is the first to bloom again. Why she's chosen to do so in forty-degree weather is anyone's guess. Judging by the color of the buds I can see, looks like this year she's going with blush pink for her blooms (I swear, the color changes every season):

I also noticed that for once she does have some competition, as my red Don Juan has also decided to bud early:

That or I've stumbled onto some kind of weird rose courtship going on between the two of them.


nightsmusic said...

My female dobe does the same thing. She'll walk around in a circle for an hour and sniff the same thing over and over until finally, she decides it's fine to tinkle on it. Now, the male? He'll pee on her if he thinks she's taking too long.

I have no roses yet, we had five inches of snow Saturday, but I've had at least 50 robins at a time in the backyard over the past week, so spring must be around the corner.


Now, if only my roses would start blooming...

Charlene Teglia said...

Don Juan loves the cranky rose!

raine said...

Your old bush is showing off how tough she is. ;)