Sunday, July 31, 2011

Red Returns

This is admittedly a terrible shot. It's just that the subject -- our resident male cardinal -- refuses to be photographed (at least by me) so I'm always delighted to snap any pic of him. This is the new bird feeder I got from my loved ones on Mother's Day, and he's taken a real shine to it. Might be the black sunflower seeds I keep stocking in it.

One note on the feeder -- I know it looks empty, and it almost is. In summer I have to keep only a minimal amount of seed in all the feeders or the heat and rain cause the seed to germinate. But I do add a little every morning to keep our feathered friends happy.

1 comment:

nightsmusic said...

He's such a lovely color. I miss our pair that nested five feet off the deck for several years. Last year, a feral cat got their hatchlings the night they hatched and I couldn't do anything to help and the pair haven't been back since. You're so fortunate!