Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bokeh Pine

I'm playing with the bokeh technique of photographing something with a blurred background. Here's an original photo:

I liked the look, but I thought stronger colors might give it more wattage, so I darkened the exposure about 25%:

Now I can't decide which I like more. How about you?


Dawn Montgomery said...

The bottom one is definitely more dramatic. I love it. :D Do you like the technique?

Lynn Viehl said...

Yes, I love the look of bokeh, Dawn, especially when the background is reduced to soft bubbles of light as in this one. I don't know how difficult it is with a standard camera, but my digital Canon seems naturally inclined to blur everything in the background when I take a close-up shot.

I think I like the darker version of the pine needles just a bit more. I still have to print them out, though, so I may change my mind (again!).

Anne Velosa said...

I agree, the bottom photo is more dramatic. I wonder if you put a dark vignette along the edges if it would make it pop more? Regardless, a very nice photo.

nightsmusic said...

The bottom one. Definitely the bottom one.