Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cards So Far

In response to popular demand, here are all the cards that I've made so far for my Thousand Cards Project, along with more details than anyone probably wanted to know:

The majority are photograph cards, which I do on days when I'm too busy to attempt something more complicated (and since all the photos are originals I've personally snapped, I feel they do represent part of my artistic ability.)

These two were made with a couple of toys my daughter outgrew; they're two tiny stuffed animals dressed as a bride and groom. I couldn't let her throw them away and have been saving them for a couple of years. That they are a cat and a skunk must have been some designer at the manufacturer getting a bit cheeky. The ball and chain each is cuffed to was totally my idea, though.

I'm really proud of this card, the first in a series of ten poetry cards I'm making. The front was cut from last year's calendar, which I'm recycling, and sewn to a piece of antique yakuta cloth left over from a quilt. The blanket stitch around the edges was hand-done. The fragment of poetry is the first two lines of my favorite poem (somewhere I have never travelled by e.e. cummings) and I plan to make cards for the rest of the poem and then place them in order in a quilted holder, which will create a new way to read the poem. I've been very leery of trying mixed media, and as a first attempt I felt this was a real leap for me.


nightsmusic said...

I love them! The poetry card is wonderful. Very different and unique. And what a great way to utilize one of those things I also find hard to get rid of from time to time. Some small toy or tchotchke that for me, ends up sitting in a box waiting for some use I never find.

Dawn Montgomery said...

Your mixed media card is very inspiring. It never occurred to me to try anything other than paper.

I may just stick with paper, though, for my first ATC attempts. Especially since I'm intrigued by zentangle (we use to call it doodling back in my day LOL). I may just do some of my favorite lines, song lyrics, etc and design around them. I love your cards so far! Can't wait to see more of them :D