Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1000 Cards Project Update

I reached my February quota for my 1000 Cards project with two days to spare. Here's a look at what I artfully accomplished this month:

I got a little more adventurous with the ATCs I quilted this month, and spent a week and a half on an abstract phoenix card I beaded with golden seed beads. During my road trip I discovered ATCs are the perfect take-along project because (unless you're working with something bulky) you can fit all your materials and the ATC itself in a gift card-size tin.

Visiting an art show inspired me to paint a few ATCs this month. I also dealt with another emotion by painting Hatred, that fiery little guy in the middle there, which helped me get rid of my own anger over something stupid.

I cautiously dabbled in more mixed media cards this month, too. I didn't try too many new techniques -- still a bit leery -- but I was pleased with the results.

One rousing success was with some old black and white nautical images I found in a library archive; I used washes of watercolor to selectively colorize them. I've only tried this technique once before, and this time I felt like I nailed it.

I had a mixed bag of results with my beaded cards this month. I was delighted by the way my pearl-and-bugle-bead centipede came out, but struggled with some bicone Swarovski crystals, which don't look as heavy as they are once you sew them to fabric. Will keep experimenting with beads, though, as I think I just have to figure out the right weights and combinations.

I played with buttons for the first time, making a tiny doll and using an old card of buttons to create some found object art. Both were a lot of fun.

Due to time constraints and the road trip I ended up making half my cards with photos I took. 18 of them were taken during one visit to a flea market where I got some amazing shots of statues, antiques and other oddities. I really enjoyed that day, so I was happy to make them into cards to preserve those memories. I also documented moments from two other days, one spent at the art show and another at the hospital to see if my daughter broke her ankle (just a bad sprain).

Overall I think I did pretty well in February; I learned a lot and let myself go more than I did last month. I constantly recycled on-hand and found objects and I feel quite satisfied that I'm sticking to my commitment to go green whenever possible. I am going to give myself the rest of February off, though, so I can think about what I want to do with the project in March. The more cards I make, the more ideas I get, and I want to go with the concepts that both inspire and push me outside my comfort zone.

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