Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finding Art

The last two days have been pretty interesting, 1000 Cards Project-wise. I think all last month I had so many doubts about what I'd gotten myself into that I was focusing more on the stress than my vision. Once I finished the 100th card I felt different -- like I could leave that all behind me and just run with it.

So yesterday and today that's exactly what I did, and the ideas just poured out of me. As I am committed to recycling as much as possible, I decided to play with more things I have on hand, and made all my cards from stashed paper, leftover beads and saved/found objects.

This China Doll card was inspired by the tiny face on the button that I used for my doll's head. I found it in an old jar of buttons and always wanted to make her into a proper doll. Which she is now, stuffed and sewn at 1-3/4" tall, which also makes her the tiniest toy I've ever made:

I found a copper metal disk in a box of junk left behind by the previous owners of our house. I don't know why I kept it; it was in pretty sad shape; but so many things I'm attracted to are scratched, damaged or in need of repair.

When I took out the disk this morning I thought, "If you can make this beautiful, it was worth saving all these years." The shape and size was roughly equal to that of an abalone pendant I once sewed onto a crazy quilt, so I tried the same technique with a dark holographic Sulky thread. This was the result:

I deliberately chose the dreary background paper to highlight the object and the threads, and the play of the light shining on it made it look like something precious:

Finally I hauled out my spare bead box, in which I have mismatched and leftover beads from just about every beaded piece I've ever made. I never know what to do with pearls or bugle beads as to me they're not as versatile as other shapes, so I have tons of them. I decided to challenge myself to make them into something unexpected, and came up with a centipede and a spider:

This project seems to be opening up things inside me that I've locked away or ignored. These past couple days I've felt the same rush I used to get when I was in art class in high school, maybe even stronger because it's been so long since I've let myself be as innovative (and strange) as I want to be. I definitely want more of that.

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Dawn Montgomery said...

I LOVE what you did with the disc. It really is gorgeous. :)

So many creative cards. I'm still just sketching on index cards and hoping to get to my watercolor supplies in the mountains of boxes.

I love seeing what you create. So inspiring. :D