Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flea Market Beauties

Oops. Wardrobe malfunction.

Remember Lavoris mouthwash? Tasted like cinnamon and library paste.

Field buckets. Now if I just had a field.

Ye olde VU. Or, if slightly rearranged, ye olde FU.

Sunshine loves glassware.

We finally know what happened to grandmom's good silver.

You just got Smurfed.

1 comment:

nightsmusic said...

I do remember Lavoris! It was much better than Listerine.

I'd have had to come home with the wardrobe malfunction though. I'd put it on my front porch. Oh, and the silver coffeepot too.

I have a terrible time going to flea markets. I can't ever seem to leave empty handed.

Did you?