Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It's spring, which means it's time to tuck some new herbal sachets into the linen closets and lingerie drawers. Usually I make quilted sachets of new fabric, but I wanted to color outside the lines this year, so I tried some different materials:

These tea-dyed laces and ribbons are easy for me to stack and sew together before I bead them. With little sewing projects like these I can work by hand. I don't plan them out but go with the impulse of the moment.

One stamped image of a chandelier inspired me to get very creative with embellishing it:

I admit, my first try is a bit crooked, but I have a yard of more ribbon stamped with the same image so I can give it another go.

The beads are mine, but the cool laces, ribbons and stuff as well as heavenly dried lavender inside the sachets came from Homesteadtreasures on Etsy.


nightsmusic said...

They're lovely! We used to have a quirky little fabric shoppe (and I use that spelling because of the atmosphere as well as the product) that I could pour over pieces like the Etsy shop has, for hours. Alas, it's gone the way of almost every other little store around here.

Lynn Viehl said...

We have the same problem in my town; all the cool little ephemera shops went out of business. I really like shopping on Etsy now because I can always find something unique plus I'm supporting indy artists.