Monday, April 30, 2012

1K Cards Project Update

Since my online art class started this month, I thought a good theme for the April phase of my 1000 Cards Project would be to get back in touch with my artistic side. To give myself an extra push in that direction, I also decided not to make any photograph ATCs for the entire month.

I began by working with precut sheet metal, which I hammered, pierced, wired, beaded and (sort of) quilted into three cards. In the process I gained enormous respect for metal artists and the physical strength they use to handle and manipulate such an unyielding material:

I put together several quilted cards, and with them tried a couple of new techniques with the construction and embellishment:

While working through the lessons and exercises for my art class, I also documented some of the techniques by using them to make ATCs (and oddly enough the last project for the middle week of the class was to create a half-dozen ATCs, so everything was totally in sync.) In the process of experimenting with my instructor's techniques I invented a spin-off method that transfers an impression of lace into the watercolor, so I played with that as well:

I tried more mixed-media in April, too, with varying results. One thing I learned is that self-adhesive "gems" are extremely difficult to work with for someone who has at best an uncertain grip. I successfully sewed through a plastic overlay by hand and by machine, which was fun, and I went dimensional with some tiny flower bouquets:

I also discovered smashing in April, and made a series of smash note cards to record my new fascination with this trend in journaling:

Of all the ATCs I made this month, the one that stole my heart is probably the simplest; one I knew I had to make the moment I saw this little guy:

I went over my quota for the month by eight cards, so I already have a jump on May, and with 339 finished ATCs I am officially a third of the way through the project. The project vault is also filling up fast now:

I'm not running out of ideas or steam yet; I probably have five thousand cards I want to make. I did like trying the metal work, and I'd like to do more of that in the weeks ahead so I can test more new-to-me techniques and mediums. And that wraps it up for April.


nightsmusic said...

You need a long, thin pair of jeweler's tweezers to work with those sticky back crystals. Trust me. After gluing thousands on my DD2's skating dresses, including dropping the glue by pinhole openings in the glue bottles and then having to hit that smaller-than-a-needle-point dot, those are about the only things that work. Especially for people who's fingers don't work so good anymore.

I love all the cards though. I thought you're very brave to use metal. They turned out great!

Lynn Viehl said...

I should have thought to try tweezers. Thanks for the suggestion, Theo.

Lynn Viehl said...

Oh, and working with sheet metal, punching holes in it and sewing through the holes.? Don't go there unless you like pain and fruatration.