Monday, May 14, 2012

Sideways Heart Journal

I'm starting a new creative journal (yeah, I know, as if I don't already have enough creative projects on my plate.) This one is special because another artist, Becky New of Glimpseart, actually made the journal, and I'll be adding my words, photos and art to her gorgeous pages.

The antique mirror on the front cover is heart-shaped, and no, you are not allowed to snicker over that:

To dodge writing the dreaded "book of my heart", I'm going to call it the Sideways Heart Journal (which is more fitting anyway.) Here's a shot of the inside cover and the intro page:

I hope to do at least one page every day until I fill it up. Here's my first entry:

I've also started another blog strictly for photos of the pages in this journal. I've made it private to keep out the undesirables, but any of my online friends who would like to see what I'll be doing can e-mail me a note and I'll give you the URL and access.

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