Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ink on Yupo

In the July/August '12 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors artist Cathy Taylor published a workshop on painting on Yupo (polypropylene watercolor paper) with alcohol-based ink. I had a couple of bottles of colored Adirondack ink on hand, so I decided to give it a go.

Any watercolor artist will tell you that Yupo is a maddening surface to paint on (it does not absorb anything, paint pretty much goes wherever it wants, and the piece dries at the rate of evaporation.) It's also terribly addictive because it is such a challenge.

Alcohol-based ink behaves very differently from paint, dries quickly and does all sorts of strange stuff on Yupo. From the moment I dropped the first splotch on ink on my paper I was entranced.

This was my first attempt, and I simply dropped beads of ink onto the page in a circular pattern to see how they would blend.

With my second try I began tipping the surface and running the different colors together. The flow and the blends were amazing. Then I dripped some beads of ink on top of the flows to see what would happen.

I'm tempted now to fill a fine-nibbed fountain pen with the ink and use it to sketch something on Yupo. Will post more photos as I see what happens.

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Kathy said...

These are beautiful. I have never tried that paper but your results are intriguing!