Friday, September 7, 2012


Every year I spend a couple of days repairing this ancient piece:

Unfortunately it's now come to the point where the patchwork has thinned to the thickness of rice paper, and is proving just as fragile. The quilt's top is basically in shreds, with almost every patch is shattered in multiple places:

Normally I would not try to save a quilt like this, as it's an old import someone gave us and I have absolutely nothing but weeks of tedious repair time invested in it. Honestly, I hate the damn thing. But my kid doesn't, so I studied it again.

It's a mess, but recovery is not completely out of the question. The backing, while also thin, is a different fabric and has managed to remain almost 100% intact; it's probably got another five or ten years life left in it, too.

I also happen to have a quilt top that needs to be made into a quilt.  Rather than continue to patch-repair or try to restore the individual blocks of the shredded quilt, I'm going to recover it with the new quilt top:

Major recycling points for me, the kid will be very happy, and even the dogs seem to approve. :)

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nightsmusic said...

I have a quilt like that. I don't know why I keep fixing it. It's not like it's a true antique. But for the life of me, I just can't seem to part with the darned thing.

I love the new top. Apparently, so do your doggies ;o)