Friday, February 15, 2013

Snake Dance

"Black Racers, like most of the larger snakes in our area, engage in tail rattling when alarmed or surprised. Not having rattles on their tail the snakes rely on dead leaves for sound effects. Usually the bluff works. When cornered this species will often charge the aggressor by rearing up and moving rapidly forward." --

This one did both!


nightsmusic said...

What a shot!

We have blue racers here. They probably get as long, but they're not so aggressive. Generally, they flee anything and they're really fast so it's hard to see them.

nightsmusic said...

And I'm trying this again because there are days when Blogger just hates me.

Great shot!

Lynn Viehl said...

There are blue racers? How neat. I must go and look up a picture of one now. Sorry about the problems with Blogger; I know it can be a pain.