Monday, March 11, 2013

Two More

Winter boomeranged a bit here and as a result Mama Mourning Dove has had a rough time with nest #2, but she's stayed with her brood even through freezing nights.

She finally flew off to eat this afternoon and gave me a chance to snap some quick pics of her new twins.

Doesn't look like it but there are two. Both babies stuck up their heads to eye me when I came close, then huddled down. Rather than keep upsetting them by trying to get more shots of both I left them in peace.


nightsmusic said...

Poor babies on those freezing nights. What we mothers won't contend with for our kids. Hope they grow and fare as well as the last pair.

Do they always have just two?

Lynn Viehl said...

The species is known for their twinsies, from what I've read they almost always have two. They can also raise up to six broods in a single year, which means Mama and Papa have four more to go. :)