Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting Arty

One of the things I did a lot of while I was recovering from surgery was hand beading and quilting, which I discovered I can do strictly by touch (as long as someone else threads the needles for me.) This art quilt tote was one of the more interesting projects I worked on:

I got this cute hand-dyed venise flower as a little extra from one of my lace suppliers, and let that inspire the entire piece:

It didn't come out perfect -- quite the opposite -- but perfection wasn't the point. I love all the shades of violet, and I wanted to celebrate that love, so I did. It also kept me from going crazy while I was vision-challenged. Here's a detail from the back of the tote:

I think I must have used a million beads on this one, but it was excellent therapy.

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nightsmusic said...

Oh my! It's beautiful! And I still can't believe you did it with your eyes so bad and then after the surgery. I bow to the master. I really do. I can't imagine doing that by touch alone.