Friday, September 26, 2014

Hospitality Bowl

This isn't really a craft, but it's a nice, no-work-involved recycling idea. It started with a pretty ceramic bowl I bought for a floral arrangement project; when I got it home I discovered it was too shallow for my purposes:

I liked it too much to return it, so for a while the bowl lived in the guest room as a pretty object. One night, when we had a guest who forgot several things staying with us, I finally found a new purpose for it. I always keep spare/new tooth brushes, manicure kits and other toiletries on hand for just such reasons (we regularly have a lot of guests at our house) and that night I put everything they needed in the bowl so they could find it easily.

Now I keep the bowl stocked with guest stuff:

Most of these items are unused extras from my own travel kits; I picked up the cute little owl manicure kit from Dollar Tree, so I'll estimate the total cost to be under ten dollars.

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