Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In Progress

Now that I can see well enough to handle a hot glue gun I was able to get started on this vanity keepsake box project:

This is an antique glove box (yes, a box in which women used to keep their gloves. They were quite handy until we stopped wearing gloves, I think.) It originally came to me as a container for some trims I bought on Etsy, and was just too pretty to discard. The exterior quilted fabric covering was stained and dinged, however, so I needed to rehab it. I'm trying to get over my dislike of all things pink, so I went with a pink/green theme.

Here's a look at the original interior:

It has a bit of a musty smell to it, so I'm probably going to line it with rose-scented drawer paper to help deodorize it. I really like how the top came out:

The pink flower at the upper left hand corner was a brooch that I accidentally broke while trying to pin it to one of my Victorian totes, and I'm very happy I found another way I could use it. Aside from the cost of the lining paper, which I don't know yet, all the trims were leftovers from other projects, so the cost so far for this is zero. :)

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