Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Art Defined Keepers

One of the reasons I was inspired to do the 1000 Cards Project was my interest in getting to know who I am as an artist outside of writing. I've always known I'm very creative, but spending a year making art almost every day gave me a chance to define what my art is, exactly.

These cards all represent an aspect of that:

I am definitely a quilter, but I never thought of myself as an art quilter. This card changed my mind.

I don't like to work without a plan, but through the project I learned that I can work comfortably in abstract art without knowing what I'm doing, exactly. Only after I finished this card could I see that it was a dandelion in a storm.

Fears often fuel artistic expression, and art in return help us cope with our fears. I conquered my extreme childhood fear of spiders, for example, by repeatedly working them into my writing. My story spiders are never the bad guys; they're smart and beautiful and inspiring. I wanted to translate all that into a card, and this is the result.

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maries said...

Love the dandelion in a storm.