Sunday, October 5, 2014

Keepers Week

As I mentioned on my author blog I'm sorting through what remains of my 1000 cards project from 2012 (I'm also hosting a giveaway of one + a signed book, so do stop in over there if you have a chance.) Even thought it's been two years since I did the project, there are a few cards I'm not willing to part with, ever. Since I'm probably not going to be getting out much this week I thought it would be fun to photograph them and give a little backstory as to why.

The first card to go in my keeper box is literally the first I made for the project, ATC #1:

I wanted the very first card I made to be special and express how I feel about art, and I think I nailed both with this one. Painting the tiny scene on the postage-stamp size canvas was especially tough as I don't have much fine motor control anymore.

Since I'm keeping the first card I made for the project, of course I have to keep the very last one, too:

#1000 is a miniature crazy quilt, and likely the one card from the project I was happiest to make. It served as the final note of rather exhausted satisfaction in finishing out a challenging but remarkable year in my creative life.

The third card I have to show you is my personal favorite from the project:

I titled ATC #160 here "Phoenix" but I always thought of it as the golden swan card. It was also an utter bitch to make because I had to work in a tiny space with needle and thread and seed beads, which is the absolute limit of my fine motor control. That's why this one took the longest of all the cards in the project to complete; I had to work very slowly. I carried it and my supplies around in a pocket tin for three weeks, and even took it with me on a road trip (mistake; hotel rooms have lousy light for hand work.) For a long time after I finally finished it I couldn't look at it because it pissed me off so much.

That said, it is one of the few cards that came out exactly as I imagined it. All that work for such a tiny thing seems silly and yet sort of noble now, which is probably why it's my favorite -- I didn't give up on it. It's also the card I always think of first whenever I remember the project, so it's made itself my favorite.

More cards and the stories behind them tomorrow -- stay tuned!

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