Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Copper Keeper

There was one ATC I made for my 1000 Cards Project that was a bit of a mystery, and has remained so ever since I finished it:

I wrote about the actual making of it here, and all of that is true, but there was something else going on with me and the old copper disk I used for the card. I saved this little scrap of junk for a long time without really understanding why; all I knew was that it would be important to me, and to wait for whatever reason it was.

I am pretty critical of every thing I do in my creative life; it's an occupational hazard to feel that there is always room for improvement. I'm fine with that, too. I think if I loved everything I did I'd die of boredom. But on the rare times when I do feel like (artistically speaking) I've knocked it out of the ballpark, I can take pleasure in the results.

For me, this one definitely flew right over the fence.

I'm still not entirely sure what it means, but sometimes it's more fun not knowing. Which is why I'm keeping this, as an object of beauty and personal wonder.


maries said...

Yes, you truly did knock this one out of the ballpark - kind of Star Doc to my mind's eye. Love it!

nightsmusic said...

Good gravy, I'm back online! Homeless, but online ;)

I think I mentioned before how much I liked this one when you posted it the first time. I still do. It's wonderful and mysterious and sci-fi-ish and geometric and I love it.

(I actually developed an eye twitch after the third day I was offline...isn't that sad?)